Al-Abeerah Sandal Oil (30ML)


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Al-Abeerah Sandal Oil (30ML)


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Sandal Oil:

Sandalwood essential oil is derived from the sandalwood tree. Many fragrances include sandalwood essential oil.This natural treasure offers relaxing and cooling characteristics, making it an ideal component for cosmetic products. Because of its fragrant and woody odour, it is utilised in fragrance.

Sandalwood may also provide some health advantages. Because of its vast therapeutic advantages, it can help you gain more clarity and tranquilly. Its antibacterial characteristics make it an excellent skin care product.

Benefits Of Sandal Oil:

  • It helps with stress.
  • It is beneficial for muscular disorders.
  • It slows the ageing process of the skin.
  • It is beneficial in the treatment of common colds.


The information is provided solely for educational purpose.
This data is not meant to be used to treat,cure,diagnose or prevent any illness.


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