Al-Abeerah Bitter Almond Oil (30ML)


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Bitter Almond Oil - Herbal Oil - Al-Shifa Naturals

Al-Abeerah Bitter Almond Oil (30ML)


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Bitter Almond Oil:

Bitter Almond Oil is the greatest multifunctional massage oil.This oil can help you from getting a fungal infection.It’s anti-bacterial, which is great for getting rid of germs.It provides a relaxing impact on the body.

Benefits Of Bitter Almond Oil:

  • It stops fungus from growing.
  • It provides a relaxing impact on the body.
  • Keeping your skin healthy.
  • Maintain the health of your hair.


For external use only.

The information is provided solely for educational purpose.
This data is not meant to be used to treat,cure,diagnose or prevent any illness.


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