Ashraf Laboob-e-Kabeer Khas-ul-Khas

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Ashraf Laboob-e-Kabeer Khas-ul-Khas

 840.00 13,410.00

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Ashraf Laboob-e-Kabeer Khas-ul-Khas:

Laboob-e-Kabeer Khas-ul-Khas is a sexual tonic for oligospermia, sexual organ weakness, kidney and urinary bladder weakness. It’s also a good stimulant and exhilarant.

The addition of certain more effective useful and vital substances to the old formula of Laboob Kabir has substantially increased the potency of this treatment. Luboob Kabir eliminates the inability to reproduce specific substances. Strengthens the fire and treats neurological and muscular weakness in the sexual organs. It provides strength by reducing overall physical weakness, particularly in the upper body, spine, and bladder. It stimulates the sexual organs while also relaxing the body.


  • It can cure sexual organ neurological and muscular impairment.
  • It gives you power by lowering your total physical weakness.
  • It is especially beneficial in the upper body, spine, and bladder.
  • It is beneficial in cases of urinary bladder weakness.
  • It also helps to calm the body.


3-5 grams in the afternoon.


The information is provided solely for educational purpose.
This data is not meant to be used to treat,cure,diagnose or prevent any illness.

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