Qarshi Laboob Bard Nuqrai

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Qarshi Laboob Bard Nuqrai - Al-Shifa Naturals

Qarshi Laboob Bard Nuqrai

 330.00 1,620.00

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Qarshi Laboob Bard Nuqrai:

Lub is known as pulp (Maghz). Because this composition comprises dried fruits, it is known as Laboob. Qarshi Laboob Bard Nuqrai is typically used to strengthen the vaginal organs. Laboob Kabir, Laboob Sagheer, Laboob Barid, and so on. Aphrodisiac infertility treatment that is utilised in a variety of herbal medicine combinations/prescriptions. It’s also utilised as a brain and nervine tonic.


  • Because of the inherent heat, it is effective in premature ejaculation and spermatorrhoea.
  • Increases libido by increasing the viscosity of the sperm.


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