Qarshi Sharbat Faulad (240ML)


Qarshi - Sharbat e Faulad

Qarshi Sharbat Faulad (240ML)


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Qarshi Sharbat Faulad:

Qarshi Sharbat Faulad is an excellent iron supplement for people of all ages and seasons.Sharbat Faulad is a well known Unani medicine tonic that boosts blood production by providing a strong herbal supply of iron and enhancing liver and stomach functions.It also aids in the digestion of meals by controlling the metabolic activity of the liver.It boosts red blood cell production and relieves face pallor, leg cramps, sleeplessness, and general physical weakness.It is a combination of high-quality iron and other ingredients that add nutrients to regular meals, soothe agitated nerves, boost appetite, and regulate digestion.


  • Improves the function of the liver.
  • Effective in treating anaemia and increasing red blood cell count.
  • A useful tonic for women, especially during pregnancy and nursing.
  • Beneficial to a child’s development.


2 tablespoonful twice a day after meal.
1 tablespoonful twice a day after meal
To be taken with Water, Milk or fruit juice
Or as directed by the physician


The information is provided solely for educational purpose.
This data is not meant to be used to treat,cure,diagnose or prevent any illness.

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